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Become a Human Resources Manger in 6 Weeks

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What to Expect with the Executive Diploma Human Resources Management Program from the United States Institute of Leaders and Diplomacy

You are being awarded with a powerful HR Management Credential that will change your life forever.


After successfully completed and pass the assessment and exam process, student will be awarded the Executive Diploma of Human Resources Management Specialist. Successfully completed the program provides students with benefits and privileged. Below are descriptions of benefits and privileges that come with your certificate:

  • You will be granted the status of student at the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy.

  • As a USILD alumni, you will receive invitation to become part of member of the USILD Global Network of Leaders.

  • Downloadable the online version of Human Resources Management Executive Diploma personalized with your name and the seal of the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy which you may print immediately.

  • You are required to order the official version of your Diploma printed on fine linen paper and embossed with the gold seal of the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy.

  • Course materials that include textbooks: Guide to Human Resources Professional and Guide to Become a Business Consultant (e-book editions)

What You'll Learn

Course Structure


Gain Strategic Human Resources Management Skills. This Graduate Level Professional Diploma is an instructor-led online training program aligns with SHRM's highest standards, so you can feel confident that you will gain the relevant skills and knowledge to advance your career in HR, labor management, and employee relations. You can be sure that as a graduate you can display with pride the Human Resources Management Executive Diploma you will earn from the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy.

Module 1: Introduction to Human Resources Management

  • Definition and scope of HRM

  • Evolution of HRM

  • Importance of HRM in organizations

  • HRM functions and roles


Module 2: Recruitment and Selection

  • Job analysis and job design

  • Recruitment strategies and methods

  • Selection techniques and processes

  • Onboarding and orientation


Module 3: Performance Management

  • Goal setting and performance appraisal

  • Feedback and coaching

  • Performance improvement plans

  • Performance-related rewards and recognition


Module 4: Employee Development

  • Training and development programs

  • Career planning and succession management

  • Talent management strategies

  • Learning and development trends


Module 5: Compensation and Benefits

  • Wage and salary administration

  • Benefits planning and administration

  • Incentive programs

  • Pay equity and fairness

Module 6: Employee Relations

  • Employee engagement and motivation

  • Workplace diversity and inclusion

  • Conflict resolution techniques

  • Employee rights and responsibilities

Module 7: Legal and Ethical Considerations

  • Employment laws and regulations

  • Ethical principles in HRM

  • Compliance and risk management

  • Privacy and confidentiality


Module 8: Contemporary HRM Challenges and Trends

  • Globalization and workforce diversity

  • Technological advancements in HRM

  • Remote work and virtual teams

  • Workforce planning and analytics


Module 9: Strategic Human Resources Management

  • HR planning and strategy formulation

  • HR metrics and analytics

  • Aligning HR practices with organizational goals

  • Change management and organizational development


Module 10: Communication and Interpersonal Skills for HR Professionals

  • Effective communication techniques

  • Active listening and feedback

  • Conflict resolution and negotiation

  • Building rapport and trust

Course Outcome


Human Resources Management is a dynamic and vital function within organizations, playing a pivotal role in driving organizational success. After successfully completed this course, students will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to excel in HRM roles and contribute effectively to organizational growth and development.


Graduate Level Diploma

The Council of the United Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy on Executive Education will award the Graduate Level Executive Diploma/Certificate in Human Resources Management, acknowledging that students who successfully completed the course, assessments, and final exams have acquired proficiency in HRM principles, practices and leadership skills.

Job Titles related to This Diploma


The following roles are often held by people with this type of diploma:

  • Human Resources Analyst

  • Human Resources Director (HR Director)

  • Talent Management Director

  • Training and Development Director

  • Recruiter

  • HR Generalist

  • ​HR Administrator

  • HR Assistant

  • VP Human Resources

  • Safety Manager

  • Staffing Manager

  • Trainer

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