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Usild Executive Education Catalog

 USILD is known for developing leadership principles that are practiced around the world. These principles are taught in USILD Executive Education by the thought leaders who created them.

Talent Management

Leadership Concepts:

Core Leadership Competency Structure

Performance Evaluation Standards are differentiated by both performance level and job level

Typical performance level categories:

Example Results

For the standard: Achieves Results — Sets and achieves challenging goals and takes ownership or results.

  • Executive Job Level

  • Manager Job Level

  • Individual Contributor Job Level

Exceeds Expectations:

  • Consistently sets challenging and realistic goals with clear, detailed plans and metrics for self and others and drives organization toward breakthrough results.

Meets Expectations:

  • Establishes challenging goals with clear, detailed plans and metrics for self, employees, and organization and models personal commitment to achieving outstanding results.

Does Not Meet:

  • Does not hold self personally accountable for own, team’s, or organization’s performance and/or uses poor methods to track results.

Important Documents

Classic Title

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