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You may already have the knowledge required for college credit.

At USILD, we realize that many arrive to us already having gained college level learning in a subject area and mastered the content of certain courses. USLD Departmental Examinations are the equivalent to passing a cumulative, end-of-the-term examination or a series of comparable exams. Examinations vary depending on the type of course challenged. Passing them can earn you college credit at USILD

Departmental Exams — Credit by Examination

Earn FREE college credits for your USILD Continuing Education Workforce Training

Use the knowledge gained in these courses to earn college credits! This can be achieved through Departmental Exams developed by USILD Subject Matter Faculty Experts. The Departmental Exam options indicated with an asterisk (*) below are seamlessly integrated from Continuing Education Workforce into related Credit programs, allowing you to build upon your credentials.

USILD is now able to waive the Departmental Exam fee for current students or alumni of USILD's Continuing Education Workforce who are planning to continue onto related USILD Credit programs. Start the process by emailing

Get Started with Departmental Exam

  • See if a course you are planning to take is listed below in the approved list of Departmental Exams.

  • Review the Common Course Outline of that course, you will have to demonstrate knowledge in at least 70% of the learning objectives.

  • Initiate meeting to secure Departmental Exam candidate approval signature, email

  • Pay the assessment fees (currently 50% of the current in-county tuition rate).

  • Score at least a 70% on the exam to obtain the credits.


Steps to Earn College Credits for your USILD Continuing Education Workforce Training:

Step 1: Learning about the Prior Learning Assessment process. Most likely students will learn about this program within their Continuing Education courses, but students may also learn about it through advising, from a friend, or by advertisements.

Step 2: Students must let their Continuing Education teacher, coordinator, or the Prior Learning Assessment Office know that they want to take advantage of the program. This will initiate the process. 

Step 3: Students will set up a time to discuss and then take the Departmental Exam within their Continuing Education class, or in a designated faculty member's office. Students will need a 70% or greater on their Exam to prove knowledge of the content/objectives and pass the assessment.

Step 4: The USILD faculty member will grade the student’s assessment. If the student passes, the faculty member will submit all paperwork to the Registrar. Students will then see credits awarded on their transcript within 2-7 weeks. If the student did not pass, he or she will receive an email or phone call to make an appointment to discuss the assessment to determine which credit course they should take.

Step 5: Students begin a credit program at USILD with college credits already completed!

1. Students who do not pass the assessment are not penalized.
2. Students can only attempt the assessment once. If they fail and want to continue, they must take the Credit course.
3. If students opt to take the credit classes instead, they are generally 4 months long and 3-4 credits in cost + fees.

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