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What You Will Discover in How You Can Start, Build, Manage or Turn Around Any Business

Revealed at last:

  • 12 business basics you must know…miss these and your chance of failure is 100%

  • Seven Personal Qualities that Assure Success

  • 7 Common Characteristics of 83 Self-Made Millionaires

  • 5 Key Abilities of Successful Business People

  • 15 Guaranteed ways to fail in business

  • 10 Reasons for Business Success

  • 14 Ways to find a new product or service

  • 10 Shortcuts to valuable market research

  • 8 Ways to test your market before you spend a dime

  • 14 Questions to avoid Marketing Myopia

  • How to develop your marketing plan to succeed

  • Making your advertising pay off

  • Advertising Budget Basics

  • 4 Easy Ways to Set Advertising Budgets

  • 9 Advertising media for best results

  • 7 Tips for Better Newspaper Advertising

  • Six Pointers on Direct Mail Campaigns

  • 8 Direct Mail do’s and don’ts

  • 7 Points for effective Radio Advertising that Sells

  • 13 Techniques to get free publicity

  • How to sell... more, better, cheaper and faster than your competition

  • 5 Cardinal Rules for Selling Anything

  • Seven Characteristics of a Top Salesperson

  • 5 Questions to Answer in any Sales Presentation

  • 20 Books for sales professionals

  • Nine Key Questions for efficient Strategy Formulation

  • 9 Keys to strategic thinking

  • Six Key Decision Areas

  • Six Principles for Small Business Management

  • Five Key Ideas for Business Building

  • Developing an effective business plan

  • Creating a realistic budget that works for you

  • 7 Keys to getting a business bank loan

  • 10 Things to do when things go wrong

  • 7 Basic Facts of Corporate Life

  • 7 Characteristics of Outstanding Leaders

  • Eight Steps to Building a Winning Team

  • Six Characteristics of the Winning Team

  • 5 Ways to Hire the Best People

  • 10 Motivators

  • 10 De-Motivators

And there's so much more

  • Seven Characteristics of the Peak Performer

  • Seven Requirements for Business Success

  • Seven Qualities of Business Leadership Most in Demand

  • 9 Ways to Sharpening Your Mental Skills for Better Problem Solving and Decision-Making

  • 36 Business Time Savers

  • 38 Business Time-Wasters

  • 7 Ways to springboard to Excellence

  • 11 Wisdom-Nuggets you should pay attention to

  • 21 Money Making Books you should read

  • 3 Big Keys to Marketing Success

  • Niche marketing…Success factor or Marketing Myth

  • Tension Relieving vs. goal achieving

But I'm just getting warmed up.

  • 22 Proven Ways to sell a product

  • 4 vital parts of your marketing mix your recipe for success

  • When to raise your price to beat your competition

  • Product or service must be suited to your customers

  • What is advertising?

  • Building credibility

Here’s something to help you understand what it takes to be a business leader.

Psychology of Leadership

The primary role of the leader is to elicit extraordinary performance from ordinary men and women.

The most effective way to accomplish this is by getting people emotionally involved with the company, the department, and the individual job. The relationship between the leader and the subordinate is the critical regulator of motivation, enthusiasm, commitment and performance.


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